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V/A - Atomic Station (Compiled by Kalilaskov AS)


V/A - ATOMIC STATION (Compiled by Kalilaskov AS)

Label : Ohm Ganesh Pro
Release Date : 2012/WAVE
Genre : Night Psy
Mastering by Sefirot @ SK-Pro Studio (Mexico)

V/A Atomic Station by Ohm Ganesh Pro Compiled by Vadim Tcherkashin aka Kalilaskov AS is finally here and is in the final stages of being mastered. Full power psychedelic sounds and top notch production by some of best new and old producers in the psychedelic scene today.
If you are looking for amazing tunes to dj in your next set or like to dance and listen to the psychedelic sounds of the future with a little dose of comedy then this music is for you. From the first track by Khaos Sector to the last track by yours truly Kalilaskov AS and Gamaliel you can expect trippy melodies and symmetrical progressions with clear kicks and rumbling bass lines. New brake through artists like Sample Bugs and Eleusis also join this compilation along with Ator Project, Adrenaleightor, Chemickal Mind, bToxic and Mr. Madness!
Watch out for final release date and get yours at OhmGaneshPro <3 =)

Review by: LeoHawk

Track List

01.Khaos Sektor - Cortexiphan (150 Bpm)
w & p by Miguel Muchagata@Portugal

02.Adrenaleightor - Road to Hell 2.0 (150 Bpm)
w & p by Yunue Morales@Mexico

03.Gamaliel - Angry Pron (155 Bpm)
w & p by Yakov Skutin@Russia

04.Chemikal Mind - Lugar de Misterio (152 Bpm)
w & p by Janaina@Brasil

05.Eleusis & bToxik - Crazy Handful Of Nothing (154 Bpm)
w & p by Roy Nava & Humberto Cessaretti@Mexico

06.Sample Bugs - Aliens Come For Us (149 Bpm)
w & p by Igor Kopatsef & Vasilis Arampatzis@Greece

07.Mr.Madness - Beat Hacker (157 Bpm)
w & p by Filipe Goulart@Portugal

08.Ator Project - In the Valley (150 Bpm)
w & p by Piotr Zaremba@Poland

09.Gamaliel & Kalilaskov AS - Time Machine (155 Bpm)
w & p by Yakov Skutin & Vadim Tcherkashin@Russia/Israel

Compiled by Kalilaskov AS
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